Our Services

We offer various types of bed for payload from 25 to 60 tons to meet our clients need:

Bed size : 12 x 2.45 m
Capacity : 25 Ton
Cargo Type : Container, Tower Crane Parts, Pipe, Steel, Cement, Drums, Building Materials, etc

FlatBed – Head 4x2

LowBed – Head 4x2

Bed size : 12 x 3.5 m
Capacity : 60 Ton
Cargo Type: Open Container, Mobile Cranes, Excavators, Fork Lifts, Transformers, etc.

The following are the business activities under our commercial registration

Trucking (Transport)

Shipping, handling and unloading of goods by land or sea

Trading in building materials

General contracts for buildings (public construction of buildings)

Pick up - 3 Ton

Bed Size: 4.5×1.5 m
Capacity : 3 Ton
Cargo Type: Tires, Pumps, Drums, Sheets, Small generators, Building materials etc.